Drukkerij Wilco was established in 1958 and in its early years developed into a specialist in the printing of wrappers. Five years later, margarine manufacturer Remia took over the printing office, because they considered it to be a good choice for printing the wrappers of their product packaging. The company relocated to their current location at the Vanadiumweg in Amersfoort. Following the take-over by Nutricia, the printing office was privatised and new clients were actively approached. In the late 1980s, the company started to actively approach the publisher market, and these clients are still among our clientèle.

In the 1990s, both the machinery and staff was expanded considerably. Around the turn of the century, when everyone became aware of the importance of environmentally-friendly entrepreneurship, the first heat extraction system was placed which provided the company with energy; a highly innovative step at the time.

In 2004, Drukkerij Hentenaar Boek was taken over and as a result the production of literary and scientific books increased. A bindery was realised and today the entire production process takes place under one single roof.

In 2009, the Bariet printing office and De Haan bindery were taken over, and Wilco thus further reinforced its position in the literary market. In March 2014, Ten Brink in Meppel, a true specialist for the magazine and postal market, was added to the combination.

Due to the changing market circumstances and scale of our company, Wilco, along with Bariet and Ten Brink, is increasingly considered an international player.