Carbon-neutral production at Wilco

Carbon-neutral production at Wilco

As a producer of printed matter, Wilco feels responsible for its natural environment and has included corporate social responsibility in its operational outline, making it an important part of daily operational management. In addition to the steps that have been taken at an earlier stage (such as ISO 14001, FSC ®, heat recovery systems and green power), in 2011 the Carbon Footprint of the entire process was determined, clarifying the amount of CO2 emissions caused by the operational management. As per 1 July 2011, we can claim that all of our productions are produced in a carbon-neutral manner. All of the CO2 emissions released in the production process of our company (including our employees’ commuter traffic) to the delivery by our own vans to your delivery address are compensated for.

CO2 compensation takes place by using CO2 credits that are used against Wilco’s emissions. Wilco uses VCS credits in order to compensate for its CO2 emission. These are high-quality credits that are issued under strict international regulations resulting from sustainable energy production (such as wind and water energy). Sustainable energy projects that comply with all of these requirements prior to their start are allowed to sell these VCS credits during the production of this clean energy.

In addition to Wilco’s neutralisation of energy consumption, CO2 compensation through VCS credits has two objectives:

  1. starting up sustainable energy projects in developing countries; and
  2. social aspects for the local population, such as employment, education, medical care, etc.

Wilco compensates for its CO2 emissions by investing in a small-scale hydro-electric power station in India. The CO2 compensation is carried out by Groenbalans.